Welcome To McGonzo Photo!

I'm so glad to have you here! Keep scrolling to learn a little about me and what McGonzo Photo is all about! I can't wait to learn more about you too!

Photo Credit J+H Photography

Photo Credit J+H Photography

Hi! I'm Christina...

So you are here to learn a little about me, huh? Well, I'm a mama of 2 sweet, joyful, messy, exploring, learning and enchanting little kiddos. They keep my hands(and my heart) FULL! I have a handsome man at my side that keeps me grounded and supports all my crazy ideas.

I like to think of myself as a whip smart, worldly person with a slight streak of madness and a wicked sense of humor (so I'm told). Making peoples days brighter and enlightening conversations brightens my days and if I can get a good belly laugh out of you (or your kiddo) my day is complete.

I love to think of my clients as friends! We are in this life of parenthood together and I absolutely love to see clients and their families grow from year to year! I’m an open book with parenthood, marriage and life and I love connecting with my clients and their families on a personal level.


A little about McGonzo Photo...

As a mom, I know first hand how important pictures are to capture those big events. Freeze a few moments. Maybe your toddler loves to lay big wet kisses on his baby sisters cheeks, or capturing your new baby in the very first hours of life, or simply documenting your life, right now. These moments pass to quickly and before we know it, 1, 3, 10 years has passed since everyone was in a photo together. I know all too well how many photos I take of my kids, and how few of them I am in. I'm capturing life, but I want people to know I was there too! I strive to capture you, how you are right NOW.  Expressing your love for each other, having fun, being YOU! These moments slip away too fast but I'm here so you can hold on to them just a little longer! 

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You Found Me... Now What?

Finding the right photographer will help you feel comfortable, confident and relaxed during your session. I am here from beginning to end and I am emotionally invested in every one of my clients! Every session is treated as uniquely as each client is. I will help you from your wardrobe, to the best location and time of your session.

Have Kids? Me too! And I know how shy they can be around strangers, especially ones with a camera! I'm always happy to meet your family prior to your session for a play date!



~The Experience~