Fort Collins Family Photographer | Nana and I | K Family

When you have kids, there are few things that are as special as the bond between a Grandparent and Grandchild. When mom contacted me for a session with Grandma (Nana) and her 2 year old daughter as a gift to her mother-in-law for Christmas, I was thrilled with the idea!

Nana was only in town for a few days and was staying at the historic Armstrong Hotel in Downtown Fort Collins. I thought it would make such a nice place for a lifestyle session for them. The Armstrong was comfortable, classic and gave a great feel to the session.

When I arrived, I took a quick stop in the lobby to put my personal belongings in my bag and heard my name. My client recognized me from my website (yay!) and we introduced each other and headed upstairs! She was so warm and welcoming, I felt like we had been friends for years!

We headed up to the room where Dad, Nana and their daughter were. They were in the middle of switching rooms so we had a great little time helping Nana with her bags to the other room.

I just let them play and talk. Nana read a story and this sweet girl knew so many animals and objects in the story and she was so excited to share what she knew with everyone!

We had tickle fights, snuggling and played a little dress up with some hair accessories.

We ventured out of the room and down to the lobby for a couple of more formal poses with both of them. It can be a bit challenging to keep the attention of a 2 ½ year old for very long but we managed to get a couple of great shots with the 2 of them on the lobby couch.

It was so great to meet this whole family, hear their story and have an intimate look at the bond that Nana and Granddaughter have.

Thank you for letting me capture a small part of your life! You were all such a joy to meet and work with!