Miss T | Fresh 48 Newborn Session | Loveland Newborn Photographer

Light streams through the wall of windows into the hospital room, illuminating the unfolding of a tender scene. A small blonde head, with slightly confused, slightly curious eyes and chubby cheeks, leans over an even smaller, dark downy head with cheeks still fresh and rosy and eyes scrunched. There are tiny wails and whispers of comfort and little uncertain kisses. Big Brother looks up, wondering if everything is alright.

Siblings may be our first friends and companions in arms, but Little Sister right now is still a strange creature that will take some getting used to. They share a loving pair of arms, sitting in Mama’s lap while Dad supervises and sooths. The great thing about hospital photography is the chance to capture these types of heartwarming moments - those initial meetings and moments of wonder, without worrying about posing and lighting and sneaking in shots between cries. The beauty of a fresh 48 session is in the spontaneity of those moments no one was looking for.

I photographed mom Candice shortly after she and husband Sam found out they would be adding a sweet baby girl to their family of three. It was a beautiful session in a sunflower field, and I loved getting the chance to shoot this bright, sunny Colorado newborn photography session for them as well and continue to document their growing family. Extended family waited eagerly in the wings as we took some pictures of just the four of them. Baby Girl was not always thrilled about her photos, but there were plenty of calming voices and soothing arms at the ready when her tiny peals started in again. Newborn photos, after all, are meant to commemorate every precious moment. There can be just as much beauty in adjusting to the moments of chaos as reveling in the moments of quiet.

Cards and flowers and tiny newborn footprints bring a splash of color to the already sunny room, while pink and purple hearts and polka dots and butterflies proclaim the arrival of the little girl. There might be a parade of bows and barrettes in the near future, and plenty more to adjust to, but one of the most wonderful things in life is learning to face the unknown and the unexpected with wide, curious eyes, a smile, and a loving family by our side.