Mr. B's First Year | One Year of Milestones | Loveland Child Photographer

How do you explain what you think about the first time you hold your child? As you watch him grow over his first year? As you watch him develop a personality? As he moves from dependence to independence?

The anticipation in the hospital room, the quiet, magical moments after birth when you hold your baby and he’s familiar but so strange, this new little person who is so completely dependent upon you. He looks at you with squinting dark eyes that can see only far enough to focus on your face. He knows no one but you and you’re his whole world.

Slowly that world expands - father, brother. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends. Some people come for but a moment and are gone. Others will stay and watch this baby grow. Tiny fingers, curling toes, soft pink skin. You want to capture all of it and remember exactly what it was like. Feeling those tiny fingers grasping yours. Watching tiny toes curl and uncurl as you brush your finger over little tender feet. Kissing that soft pink skin, new and unblemished by all the world will one day throw his way. Day by day you might not notice these things changing; some days it seems he changes over night. Suddenly he’s holding his head up, or sitting up, standing, walking, running, and you remember that there was a first but you look back and don’t know how it happened. And you find that he’s still small, but not so small as he used to be when you could hold him in one arm or when he rested on your lap and slept so happy and peaceful. His brother has gone from stranger to playmate, and they have adventures of their own that you can watch with wonder, even if you’re not the center of them anymore.

That’s what these milestone sessions are about. Remembering every precious moment from birth to first birthday. While you cannot capture every single moment, you can capture the essence of what they were like. As a newborn photographer, I love to capture the innocence of those sleepy first days, when everything is soft and dreamlike. The slow wonder of three months, when he’s becoming aware of the world. Six months, nine months, as his personality continues to develop and you start to wonder who he’ll be as he grows. One year, and a cake smash that commemorates messy meals and that feeling that everything is a game but also a chance to learn and explore. Being a Loveland child photographer means being there to capture each of these milestones so you can remember how each of these experiences felt.


It’s incredible what can happen in just a year. It seems like such a short amount of time, and yet so much growth happens. This little human who only recently came into the world has captured your heart and transformed your life. Every day is something new, with so much more wonder yet to come. How do you describe what you feel as you watch him grow?